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Weibo to bridge Thai-Chinese business via social media channel

The largest Chinese Microblog Weibo announced to expand business in Thailand, through its local partner Jiaranai Entertainment, with the launch of Weibo Thailand’ to bridge Thai and Chinese business with the largest social network in China.

It positions Weibo as the gateway to Chinese market with the concept of ‘Amazing Wei Thailand: An Easy Wat to Open the Chinese Market’.

It plans to spend Bt10 million as marketing budget that it aims to break even within six months. It aims to have between Bt20 million and Bt30 million as revenue by the first year of operation in Thailand. It also expects to keep growing with 15 to 20 per cent for the next couple years.

Rui Guo, managing director of Jiaranai Entertainment, said that the priority focus of Weibo Thailand is to encourage Thai tourism industry to connect to potential Chinese tourists that as the largest number of tourists visit Thailand. This year, it is expected that there will be around 3.8 million Chinese tourists visit Thailand.

“60 per cent of Chinese tourists visit Thailand are not the first time tourists. Thailand’s tourism industry is the priority for us to focus on. The next industry is export,” said For the first year of operation, Weibo Thailand aims to have 1.6 active accounts in Thailand that is double from the current number of active users in the country that is around 800,000 users, which is mostly are Chinese users,” said Guo.

is friendly support a wide rang of languages. Users can post any languages while its menu provided in Chinese and English. Only automatic translate between Chinese and English is available for trial version. Weibo clients are available for iOS and Android. There are official Weibo client and clients developed by third parties.

The distinguish of Weibo.com is to verify account to guarantee accounts on Weibo.com and to increase confidence for users to use Weibo.com as the business channel to connect to Chinese market.

It is a combination of Twitter and Facebook combined and offers the better features and mobile engagement. Weibo.com is the largest social networking site with a user base of 30 per cent of all Internet users world wide, which is largely made of graduate professionals with an average age of 25 years old.

“We do not want Thai people to leave Facebook and Twitter to stay on Weibo. But we would like to encourage them to benefit Weibo as the gateway to China market,” said Guo.

The services are verification badges for user accounts and consultant services. They include authenticating user’s identities that is to prevent social networking fraud and theft. It also offers consultant services to help businesses to utilize benefit from using Weibo.com to connect, to reach, and to get customers’ attentions in Chinese language and communication style.

Jiaranai has authority to run Weibo’s services in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma. The priority focus is on Thailand and then Vietnam.

Corporate account verification charged is Bt60,000, bur verify public account for important people is free. For additional consultant services will be charged by monthly, the cost depends on the scope of customer’s requirements.

“Chinese market is the big market that Thai businesses that would like to reach should not ignore. Weibo plays role as the gateway, we play role as assistant to help them to be success in doing business with Chinese people through the online channel,” said Guo.

She added that in every three Internet users use Weibo, the largest social platform, that is currently driving the most offline commerce as well as online because its great with campaigns for consumer engagement and interactivity.

Weibo.com was designed and developed by Sina company since 2009. By end of 2012, it has 503 million uses that are around 46.2 million daily active users. According to iResearch, it reported that Weibo.com has 86.6 per cent in market share in China’s micro-blogging market.

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