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Garmin launches new product lines to expand its market to lifestyle and health segments.

reiterates GPS leadership with full-fledged launch of new lineups, bringing GPS technology to
health and lifestyle worlds and targeting 120,000 unit sales this year
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Bangkok (March 14, 2014) – Garmin continues to blaze a trail in GPS innovation and grow its marketing momentum with introduction of new product lines to expand its market to lifestyle and health segments.
In addition to the launch of flagship “”, the first portable navigation device on Android OS platform with Wi-Fi, the company is also introducing “Vivofit” GPS fitness band, “Forerunner 620” advanced GPS running watch, and “VIRB Elite” action camera with GPS and Wi-Fi. With the newest move, Garmin is well-poised to extend its market leadership to the tenth consecutive years.

Mr. Krairop Luanguthai, General Manager of ESRI (Thailand) Co., Ltd., an affiliate of CDG Group as an integrated provider of Geographic Information System (GIS) and distributor of Garmin GPS products, said: “While the global market for GPS continues to grow, Garmin is currently the market leader and the only producer in the world that offers a complete range of GPS products. In Thailand, the growth of GPS market is in line with the global market trend that grows 20% per annum. It is the biggest GPS market in Southeast Asia and the largest part of Garmin’s business in Thailand is personal navigation device (PND) that makes up 80% of Garmin’s product portfolio for the Thai market. We can foresee continuing growth for PND business in Thailand because the device ownership rate is still very low as compared with developed markets, such as Japan, Taiwan and Korea where ownership rates of automotive navigation device stand as high as 70%.”

“With a continuing R&D commitment to bring about innovations that will meet consumers’ demands, Garmin focuses our product development on best fit to the lifestyles of consumers,” he continued. “This year, we are introducing nuvi 3592LM, the first PND on Android OS platform with Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows users to download numerous apps and offers lifetime map updates for a more pleasurable user experience and convenience. In addition, nuvi 3592LM can greatly enhance the lifestyles of young people because well-informed driving on unfamiliar routes will help them save a lot of time and reduce the risk of road accidents, and not to mention the device’s search capabilities that ease side trips to attractions or occasional stops for some great food on the way, for example. And most importantly, reliability of device is the key. Garmin is recognized as the most trusted brand in the GPS market, and when consumers think of a GPS device, Garmin is often the top-of-mind brand for its durability, accurate information and great after-sales service.”

According to Mr. Krairop, ESRI is also expanding the market of Garmin products beyond PND with addition of other lifestyle devices to its lineup this year, thanks to innovation leadership of Garmin in GPS technology that enables product diversification to cover new categories and the demands across all market segments from professional to consumer. Garmin has developed new products in various categories to address different lifestyles of consumers. While people are paying more and more attention to their health and well-being, outdoor training is also on the rising trend. Some of highlight launches from Garmin in the first quarter of this year are:

· Vivofit – a fitness band with intelligent functions. It learns your activity level from your everyday movement, displays steps, calories and distance, monitors sleep, records heart rate, provides accurate calorie burn information, and then assigns a personalized daily goal and tracks the progress you make each day. The Vivofit band ideally fits modern lifestyle of people who want to follows their progress 24/7. It is water-resistant and can stay on for more than a year without a battery change—a distinctive advantage over all our competitions.

· Forerunner 620 – the next best thing to having your own personal running coach. The advanced GPS running watch estimates your VO2 to measure your physical fitness, so you can train smarter. For indoor training, the built-in accelerometer tracks distance, so you don’t need a separate foot pod. The Forerunner 620 can send your data wirelessly to Garmin Connect through Garmin Connect Mobile app on your smartphone. You can also allow real-time tracking of your stats via Live Tracking or share your updates on social media in an immediate fashion.

· VIRB Elite – a waterproof action camera with a built-in screen that can record up to 3 hours. It is equipped with high-sensitivity GPS for data stamping and Wi-Fi for wireless communication to your smartphone or computer.

Garmin’s broad portfolio also include cycling as another key lineup of lifestyle GPS products as well as lines of GPS devices for swimming, golfing and driving recorders. Many products from these lineups are scheduled to be launched this year.

On Garmin’s marketing directions, Mr. Krairop revealed: “We are gearing up our marketing this year by expanding to new sales channels. For example, we will tap into e-commerce websites to capture the growing trend of Thai people in favor of online shopping. We will also partner with specialty stores, such as cycling and running gear stores and hospitals, with whom we need to build especially strong relationship because the target customers in this channel are obviously those who seek expert advice. In addition, we will gain exposure from public relations, online and in-store media to build consumer awareness and present product information directly to the target consumers.”

“We are confident that the flagship products we introduce this year will win favorable response from the consumers due to cutting-edge designs and functions that match perfectly with modern lifestyles, all on top of unmatched performance that will keep the customers pleased. We are looking forward to defending our market leadership in GPS products for ten years in a row this year with Garmin brand sales of 120,000 units,” concluded Mr. Krairop.

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