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Consumer and Commercial Printer Market Improves Despite Slower Government Spending, Says IDC

Bangkok, December 6, 2012 – The overall multi function-printer (MFP) and single-function printer (SFP) market experienced a healthy quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) growth of 15.8% in 3Q 2012 after the market rebounded from a slower 2Q 2012. The total printer market registered a total of 528,827 units shipped in 3Q 2012 as compared to 456,799 units in the previous quarter. Out of the overall total, inkjet SFP and MFP registered a total of 368,723 units followed by laser SFP and MFP with a total of 143,434 units and Serial Dot Matrix (SDM) with 16,670 units shipped in 3Q 2012. (Refer to figure 1 for percentage share).

The inkjet SFP and MFP market registered a robust QoQ growth of 5.3% and 21.6% respectively with an overall shipment of 98,335 units for inkjet SFP and 270,388 units for inkjet MFP in 3Q 2012. The overall sales are contributed by the commercial based inkjet models as vendors have been constantly targeting the SOHO and SME sector with newer mid range inkjets offering more functionality with lower print cost.

On the other hand, the laser SFP and MFP market experienced a decent QoQ growth of 26.8% and 5.5% in 3Q 2012 respectively with an overall shipment of 90,051 units for laser SFP and 53,383 units for laser MFP in 3Q 2012.

Donovan Low, Associate Market Analyst for ’s Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions research in Thailand says, “The printer market has shown some signs of improvement after a slow quarter in 2Q 2012 as traditionally, the market is more dynamic in terms of overall corporate and consumer spending in 3Q 2012. However, there is not as much government spending on printers as anticipated before as much of the government’s budget being allocated elsewhere. The result is that most vendors have been targeting other verticals such as banking and manufacturing”.

“Although there is an increase in sales for consumer printers, particularly in the lower end inkjet and laser models, there has been indication that much of the consumer spending has been shifted to tablets and mobile devices which in recent times has seen an increase. On top of that the global economic issues have taken its toll and have caused uncertainty amongst consumers as retail sales are reportedly being the hardest hit”, adds Donovan.

FIGURE 1: 3Q 2012 Thailand HCP Shipments

Source: IDC Asia/Pacific Quarterly HCP Tracker, 3Q 2012

Note: Line printer shipments represented less than 1.0% of the total HCP market in 3Q 2012.
As the slower period approaches again, the printer market is affected by the slowdown especially in the retail market as well as fewer corporate and government projects kicking off. However, the government announcement to lower corporate taxes from 30% to 23% will likely help to boost the commercial printer market in 2013. IDC expects several slow months ahead especially toward the end of the year with a forecast of 12.7% decline for the rest of 2012.

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