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Fuji Xerox introduces a new service “Digital Mailroom” to increase the speed of services.

March 15th, 2014 No comments

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Fuji Xerox (Thailand ) Co., Ltd. by Fuji Xerox Global Services business unit introduces a new service “” that plan to launch in this year. This service is an automation technology to improve working performance and reduce document management cost of all document types in an organization such as invoices, sales orders, contracts, faxes or letters, which consume times, manpower and high cost to manage.

Digital Mailroom is a service that collects and sorts all incoming documents. The document will be converted into digital image and store in digital mailroom system and deliver to end users within the organization. This service helps improve the organization’s communication increase the speed of services, enhance business partner’s relationship, and reduce document errors as well.

Digital Mailroom service is suitable for customers who involve with a lot of documents such as insurance, banking, including large enterprises having high daily document flow. Fuji Xerox aim to launch this service in this year and expect the income about 30 million baht per year .

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