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Five Great Apps to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Bangkok – 7 August 2013 – We know we all love our moms. Not only have they given us unending, unconditional love since the day we were born, they have also always been there for us when we have needed them, whether for some motherly advice or just a good old hug! To help you express just how much your mom means to you this coming Mother’s Day, Microsoft have selected a bunch of apps that will help your express feelings in a fun and creative way. Check out all the special apps available on Windows for you and your mom this very special Mother’s Day.

And did you know that in 2012 Microsoft has supported the development of over 1,227 Thai designed and created apps in the Windows store as well as 303 Windows Phone Apps through its Microsoft Innovation Centre Bangkok? Want to find out more? Why not check out http://micthailand.net/ for more details.
(Free: Available on Windows 8)
(Link: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-US/app/justwink/781fcb23-4eab-43c4-b227-b23d5134dc5a )
To start with, JustWink lets you personalize and send awesome greeting cards from your Windows 8 device to your friends, family, and beyond, via email or Facebook. This app offers the perfect e-cards at your fingertips— with a wide selection of over 500 cards. Let’s put a smile on your mom’s face when she received the beautiful e-card which can be opened and flipped just like real cards. You can also customize the cards just like you can on any greeting card: Add your own note, drop in a photo, and even add your own signature for the authentic “I Actually Care About You” feel!

Perfect 365
(Free: Available on Windows 8/ )
(Link: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/th-th/app/perfect365/1f111962-b2eb-42e6-8d5b-9ee8972b0cc7)
Capture that perfect moment with your mom and then apply a natural touch-up or a complete makeover with amazing results. Perfect 365 is a one-of-a-kind portrait app that allows anyone to easily select trendy makeover styles or fine-tune every facial detail to get great looks for you and your mom!

(Free: Available on Windows 8/ Windows Phone 8)
(Link: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/th-th/app/5e19cc61-8994-4797-bdc7-c21263f6282b)
For someone that lives far from their mom, why not try wishing your mom the very best on this special Mother’s Day through Skype for a modern twist on a traditional Mother’s day greeting? Skype is especially great for communicating overseas to help you keep in touch with parents and friends through video and voice calls and instant messaging, all from one app. No matter if you’re on a PC, Windows Phone, Mac, tablet, iPhone or Android device, Skype keeps you connected and always available. You can share photos, videos and files of any size over Skype whether your mom are on or offline and also Snap Skype left or right and do more while you IM, video call or keep an eye on your home screen.

Ensogo Thailand
(Free: Available on Windows 8)
(Link: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/th-th/app/dd30de19-cb3f-472a-b7e0-434bfee3f94f)
On this very special day, our mom deserves the best! Try the Ensogo Thailand app, the #1 social shopping site to search for the best deals for our beloved mom including beauty spa treatments, great dining ideas, beautiful travel spots or even a health check-up at leading hospital.

(Free: Available on Windows 8/ Windows Phone 8)
(Link: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/th-th/app/9e2610f3-bad2-41cd-b793-a712b055089f)
Plan a fun trip with your mom either in Thailand or outside the country through the Travel app, powered by Bing, which will help you explore over 2000 destinations from all over the world through beautiful photos and panoramas. Travel guides, booking tools, real time currency conversion, and weather provide everything you need to turn travel inspiration into your next great trip. This app will definitely take you to a new world!

You can download all apps at Windows Store via http://www.windowsphone.com/th-th/store for Windows® Phone and via http://windows.microsoft.com/th-th/windows-8/apps for Windows® 8

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